12 Week Planning E-Course

Skyrocket Your Productivity And Get Stuff Done!

Do you know how your productivity skyrockets in the 4th quarter as you strive to meet your annual goals?

I’ve got something that will give you
that productivity year round.

My 12 Week Planning E-Course, which will take you 10 minutes a day  for 7 days,
will boost your productivity for the next 12 weeks to that fourth quarter level.

You’ll get 4th quarter productivity
on your projects
right now.

I’ll give you a method and workbook to help you plan a 12 week session of goals – and the tools to make them happen.
What’s included?

  • Overall planning worksheets to help you set your goals and determine what will be different when you reach them
  • Weekly planning and implementation sheets for each of the 12 weeks
  • Daily 10-minutes-or-less videos that will walk you through the worksheets and giving you tips to make you more successful with reaching your goals
  • A conference call with me to talk about any questions
  • Weekly followup emails with more tips and encouragement
  • Monthly check-in calls

You’ll learn:

  • How to take into account things that are coming on your schedule
  • How to set goals you can measure
  • Why you shouldn’t load up your goals with habits
  • How to take your knowledge and apply it, using the provided worksheets and planning pages

I Don’t Do Well With With Yearly Planning…
And That’s Why This Course Exists

I have made annual plans more years than I care to admit. And without a single exception, I finish the year with a fraction of the tasks done.

My problem was that a whole year seemed like a whole lot of time. Consequently my yearly plans were packed full of hundreds of items. But it was a whole year, right? That’s a lot of time So much time that I never had to worry about the things I wanted to accomplish.

Until I looked at the list in September and started to panic because I hadn’t started on most of it.

And then I would frantically try to complete things before the end of the year.

Sometimes I would get things done, but never enough to make a dent in the plan. And by the end of the year I was tired, cranky and ready to coast for another 9 months.

(This is not a good way to get consistent results.)

I needed something different. Something step by step. Something simple. Something that would allow me to be realistic. Something that would incorporate everything I knew about time management: weekly reviews, sharpening the saw, and more.

And so I made it. I created a planner that took me through the necessary steps to shrink my time frame, eliminate what I thought unnecessary, simplifying the rest. And then I tested it.

Guest what? I had the most productive quarter I’ve ever had. And I wasn’t exhausted at the end of it.

You can have this too..

One week, 10 minutes a video, and filling out the workbook. This will make the most productive quarter you’ve ever had.

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People who have a plan
are more likely to accomplish their goals.

It’s not just about having a plan. It’s about having a plan with specific measurements.

It’s one thing to say “I’m going to exercise this week.” It’s completely another to say, “I am going to go to the gym this week on Monday, Thursday and Saturday and exercise for 30 minutes.”

Just writing those goals down and evaluating how you do makes it more likely you will do them. One study* found that writing the goals down and sharing them doubled your chance of achieving them.

The 12 Week Planning course will take you through the process of writing down those goals, and helping you get the accountability you need to see that they happen.

The Course

Day 1

  • We’ll look at why condensing your year works
  • We’ll examine the planner and familiarize ourselves with the sections

Day 2

  • You’ll look at what is coming up in your schedule so that you know what other things need to be considered
  • You’ll determine the start date of your quarter – and look at why it may be better to not work on traditional spans of time

Day 3

  • We’ll look at what makes a good goal
  • You’ll pick out your goals for the 12 weeks

Day 4

  • You’ll brainstorm how to achieve your goal
  • You’ll work your goal into a plan

Day 5

  • You’ll learn about how to accurately gauge your progress
  • You’ll set your measures on how well you are doing

Day 6

  • You’ll fill out your weekly plan
  • You’ll set up your schedule
  • You’ll set your times

Day 7 (after your first week of success)

  • You’ll review how you did in your first week
  • You’ll calculate your scores
  • You’ll review so you can  make things work better.
  • A conference call with me to answer any questions

The course is currently closed to enrollment

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The 12 Week Planning Ecourse will give you videos…and a workbook so you can put it to use immediately. Plus monthly live calls to answer any questions you might have.

All this for $29.99.

All that progress for less than a week’s worth of coffee at a fancy coffee place.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

I am so sure this will help you get moving on your goals that I am offering a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee.


This is a no-risk way to try to make more progress on your goals. Short videos, a planner, specific steps, and a money-back guarantee.

The course is currently closed to enrollment

Want to know the minute the course opens to enrollment? Sign up below.

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Reference: http://www.dominican.edu/dominicannews/study-highlights-strategies-for-achieving-goals